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10-Nov-2020 Why Your Business Needs to Be on Google?
Why Your Business Needs to Be on Google?

Bing and Yahoo might count as competition, but Google’s domination of the worldwide search engine market isn’t likely going to change anytime soon. With Google by far the leading company in the desktop search space with an estimated 86.86% global market share, if your business isn’t making the most of their extensive services, it’s going to be even harder to reach your potential. Part of what makes Google so pivotal to businesses is how it’s so much more than just a search engine. Featuring a myriad of useful services that range from search, advertising, and maps to shopping, smartphones, and digital storage, many of these products offer in-depth integration with each other. In turn, this streamlined approach helps your business capture your target markets’ attention in a variety of ways when it matters most. If you’ve ignored Google’s advantages for too long, it’s time to prepare your business for a tech-focused future. Here, we’ll delve into some of Google’s products and highlight why missing out isn’t an option. The Importance of Google My Business Every business wants to stand out on the SERP, but it’s a constant challenge to make it happen. However, a vital service known as Google My Business (GMB) can significantly increase your chances of overcoming the competition. As Google’s number one priority is displaying accurate information to its users, they are naturally reluctant to promote businesses that haven’t been verified. With a detailed GMB page, you can legitimize your business in the eyes of Google and ensure the algorithms advocate your company to customers conducting relevant searches. There are a host of benefits to completing this process. When you provide Google with the most essential details about your business, including your business name, address, and phone number (NAP), you may also receive a detailed sidebar space that appears when someone searches for your company. Known as the Google Knowledge Graph, this prime real estate on the SERP has a clean, prominent location that naturally attracts the eyes of potential customers. With Google striving to display information that’s correct, relevant, and validated, it’s incredibly important to keep your business page regularly updated. This applies not only to your GMB page but also to other citations and review websites spread across the internet. By failing to keep your NAP data consistent wherever it appears, Google cannot determine which address or phone number is correct. This could lead to your business being displayed less prominently. Google Reviews Generate Growth Although most business owners recognize the importance of generating reviews, many don’t quite grasp just how remarkably influential they are. With recent research revealing that 76% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family, this dramatic statistic is compounded by the fact that the average consumer reads up to 10 reviews before trusting a business. These figures mean it’s absolutely necessary to generate positive outcomes for your customers and ensure they share them with the world. However, Google Reviews have other advantages that go beyond just how people feel about your products and customer service. They can also provide vital insight into the current strengths and weaknesses of your business, ensuring you can take steps to overcome issues and improve the long-term success of your brand. Meanwhile, if you do receive a negative review, these can be used as opportunities to publicly address concerns and demonstrate how you’ll go the extra mile to make up for a mistake. On a related note, approximately 63% of customers will use negative reviews to judge the legitimacy of your positive ones – so don’t be tempted to fake them. Google Reviews are also important for brand visibility reasons. If you manage to keep your star rating near a perfect score, you’re no doubt going to attract more attention as one of the best in your industry. With your business proving popular amongst people searching in your area, Google will recognize this increased level of engagement and promote your business further on the SERP. Advertise Your Business Effectively In terms of ad platforms, Google is still the undisputed king. Although thriving social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have managed to make some inroads, Google still has an unrivaled reach for businesses looking to spread the word about their products and services. With the Google Display Network able to reach an estimated 90% of people using the internet, a paid media campaign that captures even a fraction of this audience is bound to deliver outstanding results. With every kind of business striving to reach the first page of Google, you don’t necessarily have to have a massive advertising budget to make it happen. If you manage to lead an effective SEO campaign, it’s possible to use GMB to dramatically boost your brand’s credibility and rankings within relevant searches. With a verified and optimized listing, you’ll be able to attract highly relevant customers and provide them with vital business information for no cost at all. By encouraging your customers to post reviews and having a detailed approach to optimization, you can achieve a top position on the SERP. Don’t Ignore Google Any Longer As more businesses set up e-commerce stores and look to grow their reach online, ensuring your brand is making the most of Google’s remarkably effective services is one of the best ways to keep up with the competition. Whether you’re looking to boost your position on the SERP, develop an extensive paid media campaign or ensure customers receive the latest information about your business, Google’s products are essential for growing your company in the modern world.

19-Oct-2020 3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important?
3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

As you look for new ways to market your business, you may hear people tell you about the importance of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you establish an authoritative online presence. In fact, 89 percent of marketers say methods, like search engine optimization(SEO), are successful. Additionally, methods like pay-per click (PPC) increase brand awareness as much as 80 percent. 1. You reach people where they spend their time With the growth of the Internet, more people are spending their time online. Over 7.7 billion people use the Internet across the globe. It’s become an integral part of everyday life to conduct searches, check social media, and purchase products online. Your customers are online, which highlights the importance of digital marketing. They’re browsing the web looking for your products or services. If they can’t find them because you don’t have an online presence, you risk losing those leads to your competitors. To drive the best results for your business, you need to build your online presence. You will reach more leads that want your products or services. 2. Your competitors are already doing it If you’re wondering why digital marketing is important, the answer is that your competitors are already using it. Many of your competitors have already taken advantage of all digital marketing has to offer. They’ve created social profiles, adapted their website for SEO, and run paid advertisements to reach new leads. This reason in itself is one of the reasons why you should use digital marketing. If you want your business to compete with others, you have to do what your competitors are doing and more. By neglecting digital marketing, you’re already falling behind your competition. Your competitors are gaining traffic that could be yours because you’re not investing in digital marketing. They won’t know that your business is an option and will automatically choose a competitor. You must invest in digital marketing to put your hat in the ring and get leads to consider your business as an option. To keep up with your competitors, you must invest in digital marketing. 3. You can compete with larger corporations Competition is the hardest part of running a business. When you’re in a market with bigger corporations, like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, it’s hard to compete with them. They have a big name for themselves, which automatically draws people to trust those corporations. You have a fighting chance against bigger corporations, which is why digital marketing is important to your business. Your business can reach interested leads with the same methods as a larger corporation. Methods like SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising level the playing field. With SEO, your site ranks in the search results based on relevancy. A corporation can’t buy their way to the top of the ranks. They have to optimize their pages just the same as a small mom-and-pop shop. When you use PPC, Google ranks ads based on relevancy, too. Even if a corporation bids twice as much as you per click for the same keyword as your business, it doesn’t guarantee them the top spot. They can’t buy a top-ranking ad spot because, again, the rank is based on the relevancy of your ad. This creates the opportunity for smaller to mid-size businesses to compete with bigger corporations. If you can create content that is more relevant to the selected keywords than your corporate competitors, no amount of money will enable them to outrank you. Digital marketing is a great opportunity for your business to compete with bigger companies to obtain more relevant leads.

30-May-2020 COVID-19 Canada
COVID-19 Canada

COVID-19 INFORMATION FOR CANADA We are adding more countries and more information links everyday. If you have a link you would like to share with us, please send it to info@urated.com CANADA INFORMATION: Health Canada Latest update from Canadian Federal Government & Health Canada BC Health Ministry Latest update from the Province of British Columbia Alberta Health Latest update from the Province of Alberta Saskatchewan Health Authority Latest update from the Province of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Health Authority Province of Manitoba The latest information from the Province of Manitoba & Manitoba Health Authority Province of Ontario Latest update from the Province of Ontario Quebec Health Latest update from the Province of Quebec Newfoundland & Labrador Latest update from the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador Province of Nova Scotia The latest information from the Province of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Health Authority New Brunswick Latest update from the Province of New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Health Latest update from the Province of Prince Edward Island Heath Yukon Health Authority Latest update from the Yukon Territory Northwest Territories The latest information from the Northwest Territories Nunavut Territory Latest update from the Nunavut Territory

30-Jun-2020 5 Keys to Selecting the Proper SEO Company
5 Keys to Selecting the Proper SEO Company

Making the right decision when choosing your next SEO firm has major consequences for your business and your bank account. The difference between a boom in organic traffic and a decrease in Google rankings comes down to choosing between good and bad SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, specialist. But with the right SEO partnership, businesses in any sector can increase sales and decrease their advertising budget — all while improving user experience. Before locking into a contract with a new SEO firm, here are 5 tips every entrepreneur should consider. 1. SEO is not magic so avoid anyone who talks about it abstractly. SEO, the process of optimizing your website to drive organic traffic, is difficult, which also means that it’s often misunderstood. People who maintain that they have special insight into Google’s algorithms, or who play up the mystique surrounding SEO, are, usually, lying. Rather, good SEO requires a deep understanding of how search engines work, attention to detail, and constant modifications since Google’s algorithms change almost weekly. Additionally, shortcuts like buying links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can lead search engines to demote your website. These techniques are called Black Hat SEO because they violate search engines’ rules. Once Google’s bots discover that you’re using these tools, they’ll demote your site in their rankings, which will decrease organic traffic. SEO specialists who claim to have special knowledge could be using Black Hat SEO practices, for which you will ultimately pay a high price. 2. Be specific about your goals and find a firm that can meet them. Whatever you do, do not hire an SEO firm with the vague goal of “increasing organic traffic.’’ For starters, there are many different kinds of organic traffic, meaning that increasing traffic does not automatically translate to increased revenue. Ranking first on Google for Italian men’s shoes does not do your CBD business any good, for instance. To avoid ambiguity, you and your team should outline exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish with SEO. Are you looking to boost product sales by ranking for certain keywords? Are you struggling to reduce your website’s bounce rate or increase your conversion rate? If you’re looking to increase ad revenue, would you prefer to have a wide audience or a smaller audience that spends more time, on average, on your site? Are you looking for help building a social media following, creating sponsored content, or other services that go beyond SEO? No matter which SEO firm you choose, make sure you’re clear on the type of results you’re looking for and what services you’ll require. 3. Don’t just go by a Google search for ‘best SEO’ lists. Instead, go by word of mouth. Why shouldn’t you choose a Search Engine Optimization company based on how well they rank on search engines? The best SEO specialists are too busy optimizing websites for their customers to waste time on their own websites. The best firms typically have a lot of long-term customers who have referred members of their professional circle to the same service. Only companies that need new clients will bother to rank for “best SEO company in Austin,” for example. This applies to other keywords, too, like “Best SEO services” and “best SEO tools.” Furthermore, do not assume that any listicle is impartial. Generally, the companies on that list have paid a premium for their spot on it. Good SEO companies already have too much business to bother paying for a spot on a “bestseocompanies.com” or “topseos.com” list. This does not mean that there are no reputable lists out there, just that you should trust a “best SEO company” list as much as you would another for “best restaurants in New York.” This means that the best way to find a qualified SEO firm is the old-fashioned way: word-of-mouth advertising. Instead of using Google, ask people in your professional circle — but not direct competitors — whom they would recommend. It can also be helpful to ask other businesses within your industry because the services they’ll recommend will already have experience in your field. 4. Find an SEO firm with metrics that work for you Once you’ve outlined your goals and narrowed down your options to a few companies, it’s time to make sure that you and the company that you choose to work with have a clear method of charting your progress once you get started. In other words, what is the end goal of ranking for specific keywords? Before you choose your next SEO firm, it’s crucial that you and your consultant are on the same page when it comes to Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. KPIs are metrics that can apply to virtually any aspect of a business and can mean a host of different things within SEO itself. For example, a company with a new product will have different objectives than an older company with an established clientele. But KPIs go way beyond that. In other words, we have access to so much data that it’s easy to get lost in it or track the wrong KPIs. This also means that you need an SEO firm that understands which metrics are the most important to your business and can condense that information into something that you can digest. Here are a few of the most important KPIs to consider: Organic sessions: How many people visit your website through an organic search? This is often considered the most basic, and most important, KPI in SEO. Beyond that, you can look at other factors like the average number of page views, duration per visit, number of unique visitors, and bounce rate. Conversion rate: What percentage of visitors buy your product, sign up for your newsletter or engage with your content? Keyword rankings: Which keywords do you rank for and, overall, have your keyword rankings increased since you hired your SEO firm? Google crawling mistakes: Google crawling is the process by which a Google bot systematically indexes your website’s content. If Google struggles to read your website, it cannot index it in a way that shows up in search, which negatively impacts organic traffic. Page load time: The time it takes for a page to load directly correlates to how quickly people leave your site. According to Think with Google, the bounce rate, meaning how quickly people exit your website, increases by 90 percent when page loading time increases from one to five seconds. 5. Choose an SEO firm that communicates effectively. Though you should have access to the tools they’re using to measure your KPIs — SEMRush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics– most likely, you don’t have time to spend the time to analyze all that data. For this reason, you need an SEO specialist team that works for you in terms of communication and fostering trust. Keep in mind that SEO is a process so you could be working with this firm for years to come. Even if you only plan on working with an outside company temporarily, meeting your organic website traffic goals takes time, patience, and a constructive working relationship. Today, approximately 90 percent of users only look at results on Google’s first page. This means that finding an SEO firm that works for you has the potential to transform your business. But finding the right company can be harder than it would seem. Many make promises that they cannot keep, or violate Google’s rules through bad SEO, ultimately hurting your business. So instead of turning to Google or “best of” lists, consult friends and business associates to find a qualified SEO firm. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, make sure that you and your firm are clear on your goals. Then, establish KPIs to measure those objectives. It’s also important to choose a firm that communicates effectively so that you can foster a long and successful working relationship. But most importantly, do not mistake SEO for a buzzword. Search Engine Optimization is a process that can help you build a successful brand — if you find the right SEO firm. Call URated Digital Marketing today and see what we can do for you +1 (800) 210-0953.

30-Jul-2020 Facebook Fan Pages – Crucial to Social Media Marketing
Facebook Fan Pages – Crucial to Social Media Marketing

The term “Social Media” is everywhere these days, and in 2004, you might have been somewhat uncertain about what it really is… the infamous phrase “I will know it when I see it” comes immediately to my head!. I went searching on the Internet for a brief, simple to understand definition and discovered this analogy: Consider routine media as one-way roads where you can read a paper or listen to a report on tv, but you’ve a limited capacity to talk about your ideas on a situation. Social media, on the other hand, is an energetic two-way road that provides you the capability to communicate and react. As the web evolves and develops, the different Social Media websites are also changing and growing. Many decades ago, Myspace was the place to be but it’s currently, generally, believed to be on the wane. Similarly, on Myspace, 33% of its customers are aged 17 or younger. Ravalry is a comparatively new, big community located around knitting with over 1,200,000 registered users. As you would expect, its membership is mainly female and the average member age isn’t offered. As you can see, every Social Media website appeals to and contains a different user base than any other website. Among those strong concerns about using a Social Media web site is the simple fact that most of these offer a level playing field in regards to small business owners versus the large boys. As an example, you can construct a Facebook Fan page to your own offline business and so can a significant automobile manufacturer. In those Facebook Fan webpages, both you and also the multi-billion dollar automobile maker have exactly the very same resources and tools. On Twitter, as yet another example, both you and the large organizations are limited to 140 characters per tweet. They cannot purchase more personalities and blast you from this contest. When contemplating which Social Media website to utilize Social Media Marketing, you need to think about the website’s membership however, you also need to appraise its culture and the way the members interact. It’s necessary that any Social Media website have a people whose interests are in accordance with your goals and, too, that it’s a structure and routine of interaction that can be used with your own objectives. Additionally, you must remember that things change the web, sometimes at breakneck speed. For example, between March 2011 and May 2011, Facebook implemented several significant changes which altered the entire landscape of utilizing it for company. Unexpectedly, controlling the articles onto a company Facebook fan page and utilizing product pictures to construct a new became match changers… if you understood how to get it done! Though a specific Social Media website may be a good match today, Be mindful that it might not always be a thriving marketing and advertising vehicle for you! Monitor the effectiveness of any Social Media website you’re using AND keep a look out for the upcoming big thing.

30-Aug-2020 COVID-19 USA

COVID-19 INFORMATION FOR UNITED STATES We are adding more countries and more information links everyday. If you have a link you would like to share with us, please send it to info@urated.com UNITED STATES INFORMATION: United States Government Latest update from USA Government Centers for Disease Control Latest update from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Alaska Latest update from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Alabama Latest update from Alabama Public Health Arizona Latest update from Arizona Department of Health Services Arkansas Latest update from Arkansas Department of Health California The latest information from the California Department of Public Health Colorado Latest update from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environmet Connecticut Latest update from Connecticut Department of Public Health Delaware Latest update from the State of Delaware Public Health Florida The latest information from Florida Department of Health Georgia Latest update from the State of Georgia Department of Public Health Hawaii Latest update from the State of Hawaii Department of Health Idaho Latest update from the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare Illinois The latest information from the Illinois Department of Public Health Iowa Latest update from the Iowa Department of Public Health Indiana Latest update from the Indiana State Department of Health Kansas Latest update from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Kentucky The latest information from the State of Kentucky Department of Public Health Louisiana Latest update from Louisiana Department of Health Maine Latest update from the Maine Department of HEalth and Human Services Maryland Latest update from the State of Maryland Department of Health Massachusetts The latest information from Massachusetts Department of Health Michigan Latest update from the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Minnesota Latest update from Minnesota Department of Health Mississippi Latest update from the Mississippi State Department of Health Missouri The latest information from the State of Missouri Department of Health & Seniors Services Montana Latest update from Montana Department of Public Health Nebraska Latest update from Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services Nevada Latest update from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services New Hampshire The latest information from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services New Jersey Latest update from New Jersey Health New Mexico Latest update from the New Mexico Department of Health New York Latest update from the New York Department of Health North Carolina The latest information from the North Carolina Health and Human Services North Dakota Latest update from North Dakota Department of Health Ohio Latest update from the Ohio Department of Health Oklahoma Latest update from the Oklahoma State Department of Health Oregon The latest information from the Oregon Health Authority Pennsylvania Latest update from the Pennsylvania Department of Health Rhode Island Latest update from the Rhode Island Department of Health South Carolina Latest update from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control South Dakota The latest information from the South Dakota Department of Health Tennessee Latest update from the Tennessee Department of Health Texas Latest update from the Texas Department of State Health Utah Latest update from the Utah Department of Health Vermont The latest information from the Vermont Department of Health Virginia Latest update from the Virginia Department of Health Washington Latest update from the Washington State Department of Health West Virgina Latest update from West Virginia Department of Health Wisconsin The latest information from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Wyoming Latest update from the Wyoming Department of Health District of Columbia Latest update from the District of Columbia Health

30-Sep-2020 Help For Business
Help For Business

We’re Here To Help Small Businesses Challenge If this COVID-19 virus has shown us anything, it’s that digital business and marketing is still an essential venue to put your product in the hands of your customers. The challenge is that the COVID-19 virus affects more than just people, it affects the economy as well. Money’s tight. We get that and we can help. Solution Quality Website Design and Marketing costs money and money are tight. We have an army of designers and marketing experts at your disposal. We can get you up and running and it won’t cost you a thing for 90 days and then we can arrange payment options to keep you going. Services We Offer Design Website Design Website Redesign Services Web Host Website Speed Optimization Website Maintenance Website Security Website Malware Removal Marketing Social Media Marketing Reputation management Pay-Per-Click Email Campaigns Blog Posting



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