15-Apr-2022 Get More Traffic And New Clients To Your Website With URated SEO Services
Get More Traffic And New Clients To Your Website With URated SEO Services

At URated Digital Marketing Agency, we develop organic search engine optimization strategies to increase visibility and quality traffic to your website. We implement technical and content improvements to achieve correct indexing in the main search engines (Google and Bing). We generate original and relevant content to increase traffic. Conversions and the authority of your website.

What is organic positioning (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of the technical correction of a website and the adaptation of its contents so that Google and other search engines can display them correctly to users and at the top of the results for different search terms or Keywords, improving the visibility of your brand.

Optimization at a technical level improves the performance of the site, also favoring the performance of paid campaigns and, therefore, optimizing your budget.

SEO work consists of an initial configuration of basic technical elements necessary for organic positioning and a second maintenance phase that allows maintaining and improving the position of the site in the SERP ranking in the long term. During the maintenance phase, the creation of optimized index able content that allows the use of search terms to favor the positioning of the website is considered.

What does the SEO service include?

SEO Audit

We carry out an exhaustive audit that allows us to identify errors to be corrected and opportunities at a technical level, as well as content for optimal organic positioning. Besides the website, the audit includes an analysis of the website's organic competition. We have the following tools for holistic analysis: SEMrush, Alex, Moz, Screaming Frog, Search Console and Google Analytics, among others.

Keyword Research

Analysis of Keywords or search terms for which you want to position the website. We study Google data, search trends, SEMrush suggestions, and competitor data to identify the best keywords for your business. The SEO maintenance service includes monthly monitoring through a periodic report and evaluation to detect new keywords.

SEO Strategy

After an exhaustive analysis of the digital landscape of your brand, we develop a suitable organic positioning strategy to help you achieve your objectives, whether they are traffic, branding, sales or lead capture. The strategy includes on-site actions and off-site recommendations for a link building plan.

On-site SEO optimization

We detail and/or implement improvements in technical aspects of SEO such as meta descriptions, titles, friendly URLs, use of headers (H1, H2, H3), sitemap.xml and robots.txt.

Content generation with SEO focus

We design a content production strategy to organically position your website with the most efficient keywords for your business.

SEO maintenance

Organic positioning work (SEO) must be developed constantly, so we offer a monthly maintenance service that includes monitoring of the main KPIs, recommendations and periodic advice.

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