21-Apr-2022 Social Network Management By URated Social Media Experts
Social Network Management By URated Social Media Experts

Being ahead of your competition and having a presence on the social networks used by your users is key to positioning your business on the internet.

That is why our Social Network Management services, which enhances the image effort in the minds of your consumers.

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are a great tool that generate traffic to websites, with which we create customer loyalty, build business relationships and that your users evangelize your brand as part of the objectives what we have for you.

At URated Digital Marketing Agency we have professional experts in social networks, they will manage and personalize all the profiles of your social networks, where your business has a presence.

We add content oriented to your target audience. These contents allow you to bring your image, products and services closer to your clients and prospects with strategies that generate confidence, authority of your business in the market in which you operate and creating permanent links that will increase your base of followers, and creating sales.

For us it is important that the objectives of our strategies are fully met. We carry out control and monitoring of your social networks with analysis tools with which we obtain answers about the results that allow us to continue optimizing the content generated by us.

Our processes

Evaluation of the best social networks for your business

We study, evaluate and propose which are the most suitable social networks for your business, based on your commercial activities and your target audience and how it will be impacted.

If you already have social network profiles, we improve their branding to generate a better impact.

We create content calendars that permeate your social profiles

Before writing content and generating posts, we create a publication calendar that, hand in hand with you, will lead us to a better path with dates and times of publications of which you will have control and with the certainty that this calendar will support communication strategies. and your business.

We create content and generate publications

Once the previous points have been agreed, then yes, we write the content that will lead to visits to your profiles and website, we generate publications where we capture the content writing with an image according to your value proposition and we manage the # (hashtags) that your audience perceives in the networks on which you appear.

01. Your brand in the mind of your user

The perception you give of your business is linked to the mental collective of your consumer.

02. Increase traffic to your website

Despite what is believed, social networks should be the engine of web traffic to your site and not the other way around.

03. Positioning on the internet

Your business will be boosted in the ranking of search engines by having a presence on social networks. It is part of SEO strategies.

04. Audience interaction

Social networks allow you to have a more direct and personal relationship with your customers and consumers, which at the same time generates better sales.

05. More inquiries about your products

With social networks, you receive more requests for applications and inquiries about your business and what you do and sell.

06. Find more customers

Using social networks allows you to reach a greater number of users who live near your business, increasing your sales.

07. Loyalty to your customers

Using social networks for your business allows you to have more loyal customers to your brand, products and services, which results in captive customers.

08. Proper asset management

With our service you will have a correct measurement of your digital assets, such as scopes, reactions, comments, visits and more.

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