05-Oct-2022 Social Selling | Relationships That Translate Into Sales
Social Selling | Relationships That Translate Into Sales

The number of social network users is skyrocketing and that is why social selling makes more sense than ever for all brands.

Social networks have become an indispensable part of our lives. Everything happens in them and the business that is not there loses visibility, and consequently, customers and sales. But the tools and strategies of yesteryear are no longer working in this new scenario.

Studies have shown that, at present, most people who are going to make a purchase of a product do research on the internet first. Right now they need to access valuable content about it. Looking for extra information helps them to decide finally purchase the product. This is an ideal time to build trust.

What is social selling?

Social selling is a marketing strategy that seeks to find and interact with potential customers, adding value, and generating trust, in order to end up making a sale. This marketing strategy has completely changed the sales technique, managing to delegate the dreaded “cold door” as something of the past. Using this social media sales strategy, URated social media management services are humanizing the brand through building relationships with customers.

Although it occurs in all social networks, it is true that we tend to talk more about social selling on networks such as Twitter or LinkedIn. It applies equally to B2B or B2C sales strategies.

Why should you develop a social selling strategy?

Brands have to know how to adapt to the changes that are taking place. Only in this case, they will be able to continue growing and seeing results. Adopting a social selling strategy is taking advantage of a change in consumer buying habits to get closer to them, creating relationships that last over time.

There are many benefits that a good social selling strategy provides your brand.

1- Branding: it is the main benefit. By providing valuable content you will get closer to people, providing answers to their questions and concerns. You will generate positive associations with your brand by positioning yourself in their minds as a trusted brand.

2- Increase the database of your business: although the conversations take place on social networks, a well-planned strategy will take potential new customers to the brand's own channels: visit a download landing page, subscription to the blog, subscription to the newsletter, so the number of new leads will increase. For the correct management of these leads and to be able to follow up on their different stages of the sales funnel, it is convenient to have a CRM, such as Identify, recommended for SMEs and freelancers.

Tips for social selling

As you can imagine at this point in the article, content marketing plays a key role, so you can't lose sight of it. The content in this type of marketing tactic is, as is always said, the king.

Also, actively listening to your audience is a very valuable source of information. Knowing their concerns, curiosities, the problems they are looking for a solution to, etc., will allow us to provide them with exactly the content they are looking for and start a relationship with them.

One obvious thing, but it is worth mentioning again, is that you have to analyze the network or networks where the target audience you want to target is located and have a profile that is as up-to-date and complete as possible. It is not worth having a presence on all networks without having a compelling reason to do so. This is how we focus the strategy and improve the results.

Today, if you want your business to reach its goals, you need to focus more on people. Forget the neon signs announcing a bargain and start providing valuable content so that your customers have confidence in your brand, bet on it, and count on it again. It is a race that will take a little longer, but with which you will achieve more satisfactory results.

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