22-Apr-2022 Which Platform Is Better To Advertise On The Internet and Improve The Sales Strategy?
Which Platform Is Better To Advertise On The Internet and Improve The Sales Strategy?

In the midst of the digital age, with so many possibilities that improve obtaining new customers and increasing sales in companies. Also, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. We came to ask ourselves: Which platform is better for advertising on the Internet? And, furthermore, which one helps to improve the sales strategy?

The safest thing is that, if you are already steeped in the subject, you have carried out A/B tests on each of the social networks and have seen that some work better than others. What happened to this? Did you discard the ones that "didn't work for you"? Did you analyze why some “worked” more than others?

Well, here URated Digital Marketing Agency experts will tell you the most important elements that are taken into account in three of the most important social networks of the moment so that your advertising and sales strategy is more complete and efficient.

Facebook Ads

We know that Mark Zuckerberg, along with his team, managed very well to create this platform, and over time it grew so much that he saw the need to unite it with others or, at least, be the head of several applications that have elements in common.

This platform has great options to make good publicity for your business and your sales strategy, but sometimes, thanks to ignorance, we are missing things to adjust and our campaigns do not give the results we expect. So, here are some tips to improve your campaigns and sales strategies using Facebook Ads:

  • Control and improve the relevance score: This depends on how well your campaigns are received by the audience. If they are hidden, for example, your score will be negative and this is directly proportional to the cost you must pay for them. That is, the better score you have, the less they will cost you. Here you must keep in mind that if your ad does not reach 500 impressions, you will not be able to know your relevance score.
  • Shorten the time of your Re-targeting campaigns: If you do this, reducing the time from 15 to 30 days, it will improve significantly. Try it and tell us the results.
  • Offer low-cost products to new audiences: What does this have to do with effectiveness? Well, if you offer this product, the new audience will be interested and your campaign will have high interaction.
  • Use videos for your ads: These tend to have more interaction and help improve your sales strategy. It would be even better if you posted the video as a post on your Fan page and then advertise with it. The results will surprise you.
  • Increase the segmentation of your audience: it is great that you are clear about the audience you want to address, but try to take into account others who, although they are not your direct audience, can bring interaction to your Fan page and are also interested in what you offer.
  • Use “Text Overlay”: Facebook itself offers you this tool so that you know how much percentage of text is part of the image that you are using for your campaign and you are clear that you are exceeding the recommended 20%. By doing this correctly, the results will improve.

Instagram Ads

This is one of the platforms that Mark Zuckerberg already has, and he has been able to take advantage of it! The union between this application and Facebook is beneficial for your business accounts. Although we know that these two are integrated and when it comes to making ads, one is directly related to the other, both have their own tips and tricks that will help you a lot to improve your advertising and increase your sales strategy. Here are some tips:

  • Implementing the tips we gave you about Facebook will also help you on this platform.
  • What products and services do you sell? This may seem very silly, but it is important that you are clear that, on this platform, more than 50% of the audience is under 30 years of age. Therefore, their interest will be directed to products and services that attract their attention and are useful to them. If this is not your audience, the solution is not to stop advertising on Instagram, but rather to change the way you offer your products and services.
  • Use the most used hashtags in your market niche. No more than 7, and no less than 3. That they are also consistent with what you are advertising.
  • Less is more. Don't go on too long, sometimes your users are multitasking, or just want to cut to the chase and get quick answers.
  • A call to action is not enough. Surely your campaign already has a call to action, if not, please do it now; but use it in your content as well. Thus, the chances that this action will be fulfilled will be greater.
  • Ask questions. People like to interact and give their opinions. This is not new; we know that, for a long time now, consumers have become intelligent. Making them part of our campaigns will greatly improve engagement and increase lead acquisition.

Twitter Ads

This is a platform that handles a different dynamic compared to Facebook and Instagram, but it is also useful! Several companies have stopped advertising on this platform because it has not given the expected results, but it may be a matter of focus and rethinking, because it simply does not work. Follow these tips and see what happens:

  • Publish the news of your company and the world: This platform is the number one to let the public know what is happening in real time. Take advantage and humanize your brand; this is a hit and millennials know it. If not, look at who are now the face of the brands, the influencers!
  • Is your entire presence on Twitter limited to advertising? It's time to change this. The ideal is that you first create a real audience, an audience that is attentive to what you say and do, and then yes, taking advantage of this, generate publicity.
  • Not everything is images: Yes, it is true that we are going through a very audiovisual time, but the text is also cool, and each platform, although not very obvious, has its purposes.
  • Do you take advantage of holidays? Yes, although it may not seem reasonable, advertising at and about these times can help your campaigns a lot. In addition, it humanizes your brand more and that is very beneficial.

We'd love you to try all the tips we've provided and let us know how it went and how your campaigns are performing. Also, keep in mind that algorithms can vary and it's important to be aware of what's going on. Also, they are not magic formulas; you can also dare to do your own tests and see what works best to improve your sales strategy and internet advertising.

If your brand and company still do not have a presence on the internet or it does and you know that it can improve a lot, contact us. We are experts in 360° digital strategies and we would like to help you increase your sales. We will wait for you!

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