25-Apr-2022 Design and Redesign of Responsive Web Pages
Design and Redesign of Responsive Web Pages

Services, we are a company specializing in Web Design, Graphic Design and Mobile Design. We have more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of websites, virtual stores, intranets, extranets, CRM systems, portals, web applications, as well as in the creation of graphic pieces, multimedia, and other tools for Web advertising. Since our inception, we have contributed to more than 400 national and international companies that are testimony to Efficiency, Responsibility, and Satisfaction Guarantee.

What is web design and development?

Internet is a great business opportunity in which the market has no limits and with which your company has the possibility of expanding and making itself known worldwide.

On the Internet, you can offer your products and services, make transactions, interact with your customers, and much more.

How do we offer the web design and development service?

To have a presence on the Internet you need three main elements, and with URated Digital Marketing Agency you have them all:

  1. HOSTING: (Hosting a Website on a server)
  2. DOMAIN: (Name of the Website on the Internet)

Before presenting your image on the Internet, we carry out a detailed study of your company (brief), we advise you to choose the best option to have a presence on the Internet, we analyze your target market, and we always maintain contact with you to provide you with the necessary guarantees to your project.

To present your website, our staff of Expert Web designers develop the corresponding navigation diagrams and then present you with a finished product of excellent quality.

Our work team can develop from catalog-type pages, which show your products in a simple but effective way, to developments that manage databases, all according to your needs. We design your website using technology with responsive or mobile-friendly web design, we enter it into search engines, and we maintain and manage it, all for an excellent price and with the best service.

Programming and Development

Our company is characterized by developing flexible websites that provide the client with independence from us as providers. For which our developments are oriented so that you as a client are the user who updates your website.

The websites developed by URated Digital Marketing Agency is easy and intuitive to operate, all information updating is done through forms, this facilitates your task when updating any content on your website from anywhere in the world, the only thing you require is to have an internet connection, a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and minimal computer skills, any authorized person can update the content of your website.

The technologies used in the development of our projects are: HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, PHP PROGRAMMING, MySQL DB, AJAX, SQL DB and JAVA SCRIPT among others.

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