13-Apr-2022 Do You Want A Successful Website? URated Web Design Services Will Help
Do You Want A Successful Website? URated Web Design Services Will Help

Your company's website design is your letter of introduction to the world.

The quality of your website has to reflect the quality of your products and services.

At URated Digital Marketing Agency, we plan, design and develop the web that fits the needs of your company.

Combining strategy, creativity and design, we create websites that seek the greatest impact when communicating with your business. The website is ready for web positioning in the search engines.

How We Work?

Definition Of The Project And Schedule

We define the objectives of the design. We establish a calendar with precise delivery dates and steps to follow in the development of the site. How the information is distributed within each of the pages, achieving easy and intuitive navigation for the user.

Design And Usability

We work on a personalized graphic design adjusted to the tastes of the client. It is about creating a rich visual experience that communicates the brand values and defined corporate identity. Each element will be designed with maximum usability and accessibility for the user in mind

Web Development

The structure, appearance and functionalities of the site are completely defined so we proceed with the coding. We develop the website in such a way that it is as fast as possible, has good search engine positioning and works correctly in all browsers.


Once the development of the website is finished, we carry out quality tests to ensure that it works optimally. We check all links and functional elements to ensure perfect use of the website

Website Delivery

When the website is completely tested and finished, we install it and make it public on a client server, so that it is ready to use and start uploading content. At the time of delivery, the website will be completely optimized at the positioning and usability.

Training And Monitoring

Then, if the client wishes, we can monitor the positioning and usability of the site using various analysis tools. In this way, we ensure that the website continues to be well adapted and positioned even if time passes. On the web we offer training so that the client can manage their site independently.

Characteristics Of The Websites We Develop

Managed Website

With Content manager: that allows you to manage all the texts, photos and content of the web in an easy and intuitive way

Website With Html5

Adapts to all devices (computer, cell phone and tablet

Optimized For Search Engines

With a clean source code and worked at the SEO level so that your clients find you quickly.

Clean Design

With a clean design that puts the emphasis on your company's products or services.

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