14-Apr-2022 Effective Management of Social Networks By URated
Effective Management of Social Networks By URated

Showing yourself off to your audience sounds fundamental, doesn't it? It is. And with the correct use of social networks in companies you can achieve it easily.

\URated Social Media Management team brings you closer to your potential clients, managing your digital communication channels and reflecting in them the values and services of your company.

Our team will handle the management of social networks in the most professional and original way. It's not just about creating posts and uploading stories. You have to work with meaning, objective and order.

To do this, we create a social media plan that suits your needs and serves as a guide to meet the proposed objectives: increase the number of followers, engagement or likes per publication.

As we know that you will be wanting to see if it works and if your investment is having a return, we send you monthly reports in which you can see the evolution of all aspects that we monitor.

Still don't have a presence on social networks and want to join a digital community? No problem, we take care of everything: registration, design, configuration, customization, positioning, optimization. We take care of your networks as if they were our own, you can rest easy.

Let's make social pages and profiles a true reflection of what your brand conveys. Managing your presence on social media correctly is the key to success, which is why we create the best brand content, we reflect the best customer service, we publish constantly. All this will make new customers know you and access your site on Google after creating web pages old clients will never forget about you.

How Do We Carry Out Your Social Network Strategy?


    • Definition And Strategy

We create your tailored and personalized strategy, taking into account your target audience and the objectives we have established for your social networks with unlimited posts.


    • We Analyze The Starting Point

We value your current presence on social networks, we see what we can improve, with respect to yourself and your competition.


    • Constant Work

We carry out a daily follow-up to have content of interest to your audience. We respond to comments, direct messages, interact with other users, etc.


    • Measurement Of Results

Analysis of results. So that you can see success with numbers and we can optimize the strategy and the target we are targeting.

What objectives do we pursue?

– Get followers

– Increase sales

– Redirect traffic to your website

– Generate engagement

We are experts in network advertising and thus we manage to maximize your Social Media Plan, on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Our advertising service on social networks will take your company to another level. By segmenting your audience we can find the target audience to promote each of your products, creating campaigns on social networks with personalized, simple, direct ads that generate conversions.

Do we combine it with a good web advertising strategy? The results are limitless. You can become that viral ad you see everywhere!

Most Outstanding Aspects Of The Management Of Social Networks For Companies

Attract Customers

Content Marketing allows you to retain your followers and your target audience.

Improve Your Image On The Network

Nothing like a good feed on social networks to make yourself known among your potential customers.

Improve Your Online Reputation

Let your followers see what we are capable of.

Increase The Traffic Of Your Website

We create dynamic and quality content to make your visitors fall in love.

Open Yourself To New Sectors

An increasingly wide audience is waiting for you on social networks.

Make Your Products Known

Social networks offer us a wide range of possibilities and showcases.

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