21-Apr-2022 Increase Traffic To Your Site and Increase Conversion Rates With URated SEO
Increase Traffic To Your Site and Increase Conversion Rates With URated SEO

Why is SEO important?

SEO Positioning allows a web page to be visible to search engines in order to increase traffic to the website. Every month more than 61 billion searches are registered, of which half end up related to a commercial transaction. Good visibility and presence in search engines through the correct search terms means great opportunities for a website or business that wants to increase its customers and sales.

This is how we build SEO Positioning

Specialization and transparency are our long-term keywords. Getting a correct strategy in SEO positioning services requires planning and design for the future. At URated Digital Marketing Agency, we work hard so that our clients get the correct and up-to-date information to achieve maximum visibility in search results. We plan the projects together with the client to show them the possibilities of SEO positioning and teach them how to use it effectively. Unlike other companies, we provide all the useful information with full transparency and we explain to each client everything that we are doing on their website. Thus, the client obtains a complete vision of the entire SEO implementation process.

An SEO positioning strategy must be designed with a global vision and based on long-term objectives. The strategies that we develop are also designed with the future in mind and the benefits that you will be able to obtain in the coming years.

SEO success in 4 steps

The first step to achieve a correct SEO positioning is to define the search strategy. This involves creating optimal search parameters to increase visibility in search engine results.

1. Definition Of The Strategy

In this phase of the process we analyze what keywords customers use to find your business website. This information is key to knowing the profitability and relevance of these search terms and what the direct competition is. Achieving a successful positioning is a relatively slow process, but it is of vital importance to define this strategy from the beginning and optimize it to the maximum. In some cases, the strategy decision maybe easy, but in others it may require detailed analysis.

2. On-page Analysis

All search engines have a mathematical algorithm that determines which websites should appear in each search and this is what makes this analysis essential. SEO positioning manages to indicate to the search engine which website refers to a certain topic and if there is information on this site that is important enough to appear in the search result. One of the goals of search engines is to get a correct evaluation of relevant websites. If you understand SEO positioning, you can get the correct algorithm so that your website is correctly interpreted. This way you will be able to demonstrate that your page is a reference in the sector since it appears among the first positions of the search results lists.

On-Page Analysis involves reviewing your website to verify that all pages are easily accessible and optimized for search engines. The internal structure of the links is reviewed to achieve a greater presence in these searches. We also label the texts of the pages with the search terms (keywords) that are defined from the previous analysis.


  • Structure
  • Content
  • Code

3. SEO link strategy

A transversal strategy will achieve the best results. The links and the size of the texts are varied and appear on different websites to achieve the best results. Quality links can be generated in different ways depending on the content of the site and your interests.

4. The SEO Positioning Report Includes:

  • Search term statistics
  • Traffic report
  • Improvement suggestions

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